We are a firm that believes in “work-life-balance”. That goes for our designers and also for our clients. But let’s be honest - we can’t always control the work flow day-to-day. What we can control is the environment we come home to. This is where we come in! Our passion is helping our clients re-invest in themselves, so they actually can recharge and then continue to dominate during the typical busy work day. OUR MISSION is to design each unique project in a way that provides inspiration and fulfillment on a daily basis. Through this, we enable our clients to reach their full potential by contributing to the life aspect of “work-life balance.” Because the purpose of great design is to create an environment that adds quality to a person’s life experience.


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Amanda graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Zoology from Miami University. Realizing, shortly after graduating, that this degree wouldn’t fulfill her growing creative energy, she honed in on her long term hobby of relentless editing within the home. She realized that if she changed gears and made this her career, she would be living a dream she had not yet considered. It was then that she pursued her design degree – a Master of Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago.  Based on this non-traditional path to design, Amanda draws a parallel between the two fields from the historical perspective that design and architecture have long been viewed philosophically as playing an integral role in the well-being of every person. Her science background supports her design sensibilities as she seeks to improve the comfort and aesthetic of each space she collaborates on. Furthermore, Amanda believes strongly in work-life balance. “The home should not only be a place of reprieve, but also a place of inspiration and fulfillment on a daily basis; it should elevate and inspire us, to allow us to re-focus on us, and forget all the external obligations we have.” This notion is at heart what drives Amanda in her studio work, every single day.